Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Domain Name


My name is Kelly.  I own the domain name:

It's a really great domain name...I was going to use it on a business venture at first, but then we moved and my office was in disarray & the move got busy and I never got back to it.

I am willing to sell it but for a major offer (sorry!).
I won't even put numbers here because if I have to do that, you can't afford it.
But, if you are a business person with great funding, go ahead and send me
your fair offer.  I wil answer anything I think is a fair offer.
(Again, it's going to be a lot.  I know you may really really like the name but it is a valueable name.  This could easily fit a new national chain of...oh say, coffee shops perhaps.)

Thank you for your interest and best wishes on your business venture! 


Email me at: 
hello  ((at))  lattedah  ((dot)) com

Subject Line: Domain Offer